Air Trainers

AirKnowledge Program

A Partnership Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

AirKnowledge is a partnership program between the U.S. EPA and state, local, and tribal air agencies that develops and delivers training on the Clean Air Act and its programs to air professionals nationwide, both in person and online. AirKnowledge instructors are hired through NEW Solutions. The instructors deliver expert-level instruction remotely, travelling the nation bringing in-person training to air agencies on a variety of topics, including air planning, permitting, air monitoring, air modeling, inspections, and enforcement. Instructors continue the mission of delivering clean air for the American people by training and guiding air agency staff nationwide.

The exceptional roster of instructors bring a unique experience to learners with their decades of experience in air pollution management, years of training and teaching experience, and through site visits to operational sources. From 2019 to 2022, AirKnowledge delivered training in each of the lower 48 states, reaching over 2,000 air quality professionals. Annually, the instructors deliver between 60 to 70 in-person trainings and the program is looking to expand its scope.

The AirKnowledge Program is actively seeking applicants through NEW Solutions! Applicants must be age 55+. Strong applicants would have 10+ years of experience working for a Federal, state, or local agency and who are willing to travel.  Current courses are being done remotely so familiarity with virtual tools will be required.  Hours are flexible and are based on the training schedule. The position includes hourly pay of $21.01 per hour.  Click here to Apply to the AirKnowledge program OR Click here to Apply to other SEE Positions being offered through NEW Solutions.

Air Trainers