Ann McKamey, VA SEE Enrollee

Ann McKamey, VA SEE Enrollee

H. ANN McKAMEY is a Virginia native, born and raised in the city of Alexandria.  As a career civil servant, she worked in the Federal Government for over 45 years – 18 at the Department of Agriculture, and 27 with the General Services Administration. 

In 1980, she was afforded the opportunity of working at the White House as a  Program Assistant during the Carter Administration.  While there, she met President Jimmy Carter.  Her assignment to the White House Office of African American Affairs, was truly a learning experience.  She became the Technical Editor for a monthly newsletter that was widely distributed to African Americans in politics, government, the private sector, and the entertainment industry.  Her detail was extended to 15 months, and she stayed at the While House until President Jimmy Carter left office.

Ann retired from the Federal Government in December 2011.  After a few years off, she decided she wasn’t quite ready for “Real” retirement. 

A former coworker told Ann about the NEW Solutions program, and she thought it might be a good fit for her, and she was right.  Currently, Ann is a NEW Solutions Enrollee working as an Information Management Assistant whoprovides support to the Office Director and Deputy Directors of the OCSPP Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), Immediate Office. 

In this capacity, she delivers products and services that support EPA’s strategic plan, programs, and policies. 

Ann’s current responsibilities include:   Schedule/Calendar Management, Oversight of General Office Operations, Preparation and  Publishing of OPP’s Weekly Report (for dissemination to the AA IO, Regions, and All of OPP), Preparation of the Office Director and Deputy Directors’ daily briefing materials, and Management and Tracking of all incoming/outgoing correspondence for the OPP Immediate Office.

Ann’s Monitor, Shannon Jewell says in addition to the tangible ways that Ann adds value to the OPP IO, she adds dimension that is somewhat less meassurable but no less important.  Ann brings to the office daily a presence that benefits all of its inhabitants. She brings friendliness, laughter, and a desire to contribute as a teammate in a way that elevates the whole.  She brings a much -needed sense of ease to a high level, fast-paced office.  In short, Ann is an outstanding member of the OPP team.

This is Ann’s second NEW Solutions assignment.  In 2015, she accepted a NEW Solutions Enrollee position in OLEM, as a Program Support Specialist.  In that position she provided program support for the development and delivery of trainng courses/events for the CERCLA Education Center.

Ann began her career as a clerk-stenographer in 1966, and steadily progressed through the Secretarial field.  With great determination, vision, and hard work, she continued to move forward. 

For over 15 years during her GSA tenure, Ann was a Senior Management Analyst in the Human Capital Management Division.  Duties included analyzing, directing, organizing and controlling GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) human resources development program, to include career development, the College Education Program (CEP), and training and workforce planning and utilization.  She developed written policies, procedures, and guidelines, to implement an effective FAS workforce development program; provided guidance in the preparation of individual development plans (IDP); conducted analysis of FAS workforce career development needs; determined resources required; selected curriculum development experts; and developed short and long-term objectives and interim goals. She worked closely with many executives, supervisors, and other management, at all levels, promoting full implementation of performance measures and overall management objectives.

Ann was the FAS Training Officer, and Project Manager for the FAS College Education Program (CEP), which encouraged self-development through continuous learning, education, and training. FAS Employees took mission related higher education courses to improve their current and future job performance, and to support the agency’s strategic and human capital plans. She also counseled employees on educational goals and objectives, and choices of classes or programs of study; and served as the liaison for the GSA/Strayer University Partnership.  By 2009, more than 300 GSA and other Government employees attended Strayer University via this partnership, and over 140 college degrees were conferred.  Ann also served as Coordinator for the FAS Employee Development Center, which served as a Strayer University satellite campus, and full-service training center.

In her final Federal job, she was a Program Analyst that served as the Operations Manager and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for GSA’s Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) in Ft. Belvoir, VA.  Duties and responsibilities included overseeing contracts for the operation and management of programs including research, education, training, and career development that supported the FAI mission. Ann collaborated with the Defense Acqusition University (DAU), other Federal agencies, and the academic community, on issues relating to joint projects and activities, such as jointly offered online courses, seminars and conferences, standards, and certification programs. She provided expert, authoritative advice and consultation to all levels of management, and to representatives of other Federal agencies, educational institutions, and the private sector.

As an advocate for education, Ann’s quest for knowledge is constant, and knows no boundaries.  She has an Associate and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University, and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from American University. Ann is the proud Mother of one son, Larry, and the Grandmother of one Granddaughter, Kalia.  She is a lifelong member of Roberts Memorial United Method Church in Old Town, Alexandria, VA.  Her hobbies include bowling and music.