Dennis Aslett, Idaho ACES Enrollees

Enrolled in the ACES Program since 2006, Dennis Aslett supports the Sandpoint, Idaho NRCS office as a Conservation Planning Technician.  His primary responsibilities are to meet with private landowners and evaluate their existing grazing programs.  He identifies livestock grazing issues and natural resource concerns, conducts field surveys and produces pasture management and grazing plans that ultimately result in improvements for the landowners and increased protection for natural resources.

In addition to the grazing programs, Mr. Aslett provides input into wildlife projects and assists with habitat and water quality programs such as stream bank stabilization.  He assists with monthly snow surveys in northern Idaho in the winter and enjoys helping with the annual Idaho State Forestry Contest. Mr. Aslett states that the ACES Program has “provided the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with my NRCS co workers, and with the private landowners and agencies that I work with.  I am continually gaining knowledge from them on local natural resource concerns, landowner issues, and potential solutions.”

Mr. Aslett holds a BS degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from the University of Idaho and prior to joining the ACES Program, he spent 30 years with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in what he describes as his “dream job.”  The majority of his career was spent as a Regional Habitat Biologist in St. Anthony, Idaho where he provided technical assistance to federal, state, local agencies and private landowners on projects involving wildlife habitat issues and concerns. He oversaw the 32,000 acre Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area where he provided winter habitat for 3000 elk, 2000 mule deer, 500 moose and year round habitat for sage and Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, waterfowl species, and upland game/nongame species.  He assisted with fish and wildlife law enforcement, oversaw a popular fishery, developed and implemented public education programs and fish and wildlife research projects and surveys.  He retired from the Idaho Fish and Game in 2005.

He states, “I enjoy continuing to be involved in the natural resource field, but also have the freedom and time to pursue my other interests—particularly my passion for long distance running.  The NRCS folks that I work with are top notch and it is a pleasure to be associated with them.  The ACES program is a great opportunity for both the NRCS the enrollee to complement each other in providing quality service and products to the public and other agencies that are served.  Both the NRCS and the NEW Solutions staff have been exceptional in providing support for the program.  I personally appreciate the opportunity to be involved.”