Elizabeth Scott, DC SEE Enrollee

Enrollee Name: Elizabeth “Liz” Scott
SEE Position Title:  Administrative Assistant for OPPT- IO
Location: U.S. EPA Headquarters, Washington, DC
Supporting EPA SEE Program since:  July 2010.

Elizabeth Scott retired from United States Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, Washington, D.C., in April 2009 but felt that she wasn’t quite ready for official retirement. She first learned about the SEE Program through her niece who was working for the EPA at the time. After doing her research into the Program, she applied for a support position and by July 2010, she was back to work!

She greatly enjoys working in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) division’s front office where the work has kept her very busy. She provides support to those in her direct office as well as six other divisions. Her primary focus is on assisting with EPA’s Correspondence Tracking Database, updating a special database for RRP Firm Applications (FLPP), editing, scheduling and reporting.  She also processes EPA staff travel utilizing the CONCUR system. She has mastered the complex EPA systems and processes and often provides cross training on the different databases and programs.

EPA is thrilled to have Ms. Scott supporting their work. Her Monitor, Sharon Clark, says that Ms. Scott has been a pleasure to work with all these years. “Liz loves her job because she would do her best no matter what the assignment.  She is a team player and would go that extra mile to accomplish or complete what she started.”

Ms. Scott’s previous work at the US Court of Appeals – specifically as a Case Administrator/Deputy Clerk where she managed cases from the initial docketing, entered activity into the court’s case management system, responded to litigants, reviewed file documents for conformity, prepared procedural and scheduling orders, and monitoring briefings – have provided her with a high level of expertise, experience, and strong skill set that have contributed to her success in the SEE Program. Additionally, her experience and education come from attended Southeastern University in Washington, D.C. where she studied computer programming.

Outside of the SEE Program, Ms. Scott spends time with her niece and enjoys volunteering for different foundations in the area. She also enjoys exercising, dancing, family reunions, traveling, and the most important thing…spending time with family.