Getting Started

Is your agency ready to tap into the experienced workers pool?

The process for becoming a partnering agency is simple. See our five steps below, and if you have any questions be sure to contact us.


Contact NEW Solutions representative

NEW Solutions will schedule a meeting with your agency to determine if an experienced worker program is the right fit for your organization. We will also provide a detailed overview of how the program works and go over the steps to get it started.


Contact your Grants & Agreements Office

…or the Legislative division to determine if the agency has an existing authority that can be used to establish an experienced worker program. If there is no authority that can be used for that purpose, NEW Solutions staff will guide you on alternative options to start the Program.


Schedule a planning meeting with NEW Solutions

Programs are customized for each agency. NEW Solutions staff will meet with you to determine your needs and help you design a program that fits your agency’s requirements and staffing needs.


Negotiate and execute an agreement with NEW Solutions


Start enjoying the benefits of your own Experienced Worker Program