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Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Agency
ACA-034 Escondido, CA Resource Conservationist $30.71 USDA
ACT-012 Tolland, CT Easement Monitoring Specialist $16.99 USDA
ADC-078 Fort Worth, TX Civil Engineer (Dam Design, Safety, and Construction) $50.00 USDA
ADC-079 Washington, DC Forester $40.00 USDA
ADC-080 Washington, DC Grazing Lands Specialist $40.00 USDA
AFL-022 Okeechobee, FL Engineering Technician - ACEP $23.00 USDA
AGA-060 Sandersville, GA Technical Support (Office) $12.50 USDA
AIL-015 Marion, IL Soil Conservation Technician $15.00 USDA
AKS-026 Hugoton, KS Conservation Implementation Specialist $14.63 USDA
AKY-027 Lexington, KY Conservation Planning Lead Trainer $26.00 USDA
AKY-028 Lexington, KY Conservation Planning Lead Trainer $26.00 USDA
AKY-029 Lexington, KY Conservation Planning Lead Trainer $26.00 USDA
AME-020 Scarborough, ME Program Technician $24.00 USDA
AME-021 Bangor, ME Agricultural Engineer $25.00 USDA
AME-022 Lewiston, ME Program Technician $17.00 USDA
AMN-065 Marshall, MN Program Support Specialist $20.00 USDA
AMN-067 St. Paul, MN Urban Agriculture Specialist $49.00 USDA
AMO2-066 Columbia, MO Archaeologist/Cultural Resources Specialist $30.80 USDA
AND-017 Bismarck, ND Soil Health Specialist $23.00 USDA
ATN-016 Cookeville, TN Engineering Technician $25.20 USDA
B22CO166CO-001 Craig, CO Administrative Assistant $21.00 BLM
B22CO218CO-001 Montrose, CO Project Manager - Anti Dumping (Western Slope) $50.00 BLM
B22CO422CO-001 Gunnison, CO GIS Planner $49.99 BLM
B22CO423CO-001 Gunnison, CO Recreation and Visitor Services Assistant $25.00 BLM
B22CO571CO-001 Montrose, CO GIS Specialist $50.00 BLM
B22ES156MS-001 Flowood, MS Semi Truck Driver (monthly 4-10 day trips; OT included) $24.99 BLM
B22HQ160DC-001 Washington, DC Land Surveyor $35.00 BLM
B22HQ401DC-005 Washington, DC Correspondence Management Analyst $58.00 BLM
B22HQ471CO-003 Lakewood, CO Petroleum Engineer $85.00 BLM
B22ID284ID-001 Twin Falls, ID Records Digitization Support $27.87 BLM
B22ID561ID-001 Boise, ID Public Affairs Specialist Support $43.00 BLM
B22ID561ID-002 Boise, ID Senior Public Affairs Specialist $51.25 BLM
B22ID563ID-001 Boise, ID Digital Media Specialist $50.00 BLM
B22IFC565ID-001 Boise, ID NWCG Technical Specialist $60.00 BLM
B22NM437NM-001 Las Cruces, NM Planning and Environmental Coordinator $34.99 BLM
B22NM439NM-001 Las Cruces, NM Interdisciplinary GIS Specialist $24.99 BLM
B22NM570NM-001 Taos, NM Outdoor Recreation Planner $41.50 BLM
B22NOC651CO-001 Denver, CO EEO Specialist $35.00 BLM
B22NRS627OR-001 Prineville, OR MIM Developer/Trainer $95.00 BLM
B22NRS627OR-002 Prineville, OR PFC Developer/Trainer $95.00 BLM
B22OR257OR-001 Medford, OR Ecologist $49.99 BLM
B22OR257OR-002 Medford, OR Wildland Fire Ecologist $49.99 BLM
B22OR257OR-003 Medford, OR GIS Specialist $49.99 BLM
B22OR307OR-002 Portland, OR Contract Specialist $34.99 BLM
B22OR372OR-001 Medford, OR Reforestation/Cooler Operations #1 $27.00 BLM
B22OR448OR-001 Medford, OR Fire Management Officer Advisor $40.00 BLM
B22OR450OR-001 Medford, OR NEPA Project Assistant (Medford/Ashland) $35.00 BLM
B22OR450OR-002 Grants Pass, OR NEPA Project Assistant (Medford/Grants Pass) $40.00 BLM
B22OR450OR-003 Medford, OR NEPA Project Assistant (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) $45.00 BLM
B22OR454OR-003 Medford, OR Forester $40.00 BLM
B22OR461OR-001 Medford, OR Office Assistant $20.00 BLM
B22OR564OR-001 Roseburg, OR Soil Scientist $42.00 BLM
B22UT321UT-001 Kanab, UT Hydrologist $65.00 BLM
EISD-020 Kansas City, MO Copyedit, Design, and Administrative Support $38.50 USDA
EOA-016 Arlington, VA Financial Data Management Specialist $65.00 USDA
ERRED-014 Kansas City, MO Assistant Director for Research and Administration $82.00 USDA
ERRED-015 Washington, DC Research Statistician $82.00 USDA
F10AKR10-001 Juneau, AK Log Scaling Specialist $60.00 FS
F11ARR8-001 Mena, AR Archaeology Technician $30.00 FS
F11ARR8-002 Hot Springs, AR Archaeologist $45.00 FS
F11MTR1-005 Hamilton, MT Recreation Visitor Information/Data Support $24.99 FS
F12AKR10-001 Thorne Bay, AK Writer/Editor $30.00 FS
F12AKR10-002 Thorne Bay, AK Interdisciplinary Team Leader (Environmental Coordinator) $35.00 FS
F12ORR10-001 Portland, OR Interpretive Planner $35.00 FS
F2VAR8-015 Natural Bridge Station, VA GAOA Forestry Technician (Recreation) $40.00 FS
F31DCR13-003 Washington, DC National Best Management Practices (BMP) Program Advisor $49.00 FS
F3NCR33-001 Asheville, NC Fire Human Dimensions Support $79.99 FS
F3NCR33-002 Asheville, NC Forest-Climate-Land Use Interactions Support $79.99 FS
F3NCR33-003 Asheville, NC Forestry Partnering Programs Support $79.99 FS
F3NCR33-005 Asheville, NC Social Dimensions of Forest Use Support $79.99 FS
F4MTR1-020 Missoula, MT Aerial Survey Specialist Mentor $65.00 FS
F4MTR1-022 Missoula, MT Forest Plant Pathologist Advisor $50.00 FS
F4WAR26-001 Seattle, WA Fire Research Scientist $80.00 FS
F61ORR6-001 Springfield, OR Conservation Programming Support: Civil Engineer Enrollee $50.00 FS
F6IDR4-029 Idaho Falls, ID Forest Recreation Program Manager Mentor $50.00 FS
F6UTR4-012 Price, UT Climate and Soil Planner $40.00 FS
F6UTR4-022 Price, UT Manti-La Sal Archaeology $35.00 FS
F6UTR4-023 Price, UT Manti-La Sal Special Uses $35.00 FS
F77NER2-001 Chadron, NE General Engineer - GAOA $50.00 FS
F81COR2-001 Fort Collins, CO Recreation Special Uses Mentor 1 $40.00 FS
F8UTR4-001 Ogden, UT Lands Surveyor - GAOA $63.00 FS
F9AKR10-001 Juneau, AK Experienced Appraiser/Reviewer $68.00 FS
FW1506-FL-004 Hobe Sound, FL Park Ranger Technician / Fee Collector (FW1506-FL-004) $15.00 FWS
FW1506-FL-005 Boynton Beach, FL Park Ranger Technician/Fee Collector (FW1506-FL-005) $15.00 FWS
FW1523-MA-002 Hadley, MA Land Surveyor / Contract Administrator $35.00 FWS
FW1523-MA-003 Hadley, MA Real Estate Title Searcher $33.00 FWS
FW1529-VA-001 Falls Church, VA Records Manager (FW1529-VA-001) $55.00 FWS
FW1536-PA-001 Guys Mills, PA Land Protection Planner (FW1536-PA-001) $50.00 FWS
FW1537-MA-001 Hadley, MA Realty Assistant Administrative Support $25.00 FWS
FW1538-ID-001 Coeur d'Alene, ID Consultation Biologist $35.00 FWS
FW1539-MS-001 Gautier, MS Maintenance Worker/ Heavy Equipment Operator $24.99 FWS
FW1541-WV-001 Shepherdstown, WV Course Leader Policy Training Development (FW1541-WV-001) $45.00 FWS
FW1542-NM-001 San Antonio, NM Maintenance Worker / Heavy Equipment Operator (FW1542-NM-001) $24.88 FWS
FW1542-NM-002 San Antonio, NM Maintenance Worker / Heavy Equipment Operator (FW1542-NM-002) $24.88 FWS
NPSAPCO-001-001 Appomattox, VA File Clerk #1 $17.00 NPS
NPSAPCO-001-002 Appomattox, VA File Clerk #2 $17.00 NPS
NPSBLRI-001-001 Asheville, NC Lands Resources Specialist $30.00 NPS
NPSEVER-001-002 Homestead, FL Cultural Resources Specialist $33.00 NPS
NPSGETT-002-003 Gettysburg, PA Project Manager - Research and Analysis $50.00 NPS
NPSGRCA-001-001 Grand Canyon, AZ Human Resources Analyst $42.00 NPS
NPSGRCA-001-003 Grand Canyon, AZ Environmental Health Technician $24.73 NPS
NPSHOFR-001-001 Hyde Park, NY Instructor, Community Garden $24.92 NPS
NPSHPTC-001-025 Frederick, MD NPS SkillBridge Program Assistant (Military recruiting experience required) $50.00 NPS
NPSHPTC-002-005 Frederick, MD Senior Historical Architect $67.00 NPS
NPSJODA-001-002 Kimberly, OR Project Manager Assistant-Planning Analyst and Writer-Editor $50.00 NPS
NPSLYJO-002-001 Johnson City, TX Interpretive Exhibit Project Assistant $27.00 NPS
NPSLYJO-003-001 Johnson City, TX Records Management Specialist $28.00 NPS
NPSNCPT-001-001 Natchitoches, LA Friends Group Developer $45.00 NPS
NPSNISC-001-002 Lakewood, CO GNSS Support $50.00 NPS
NPSPWR-003-001 Seattle, WA Cost Estimator $55.00 NPS
NPSPWR-003-002 Seattle, WA Project Developer $65.00 NPS
NPSRTCA-003-001 Washington, DC River Specialist $50.00 NPS
NPSRTCA-004-001 San Francisco, CA Outdoor Recreation Planner/Landscape Architect $50.00 NPS
NPSSER-004-001 Atlanta, GA Facilities Project Liaison $45.00 NPS
NPSSTLPG-02-001 Washington, DC Disaster Planning and Response Technical Writer $41.00 NPS
NPSSTLPG-02-002 Washington, DC Tribal Consultation Specialist $49.00 NPS
NPSUSPP-001-010 Washington, DC FOIA Records Specialist $46.88 NPS
NPSUSPP-001-024 Washington, DC Police/Emergency Dispatch Trainer $46.88 NPS
NPSVT-002-002 Santa Fe, NM Architectural Conservator $50.00 NPS
NPSVT-002-003 Santa Fe, NM Structural Engineer (Preservation Engineer) $50.00 NPS
NPSVT-002-004 Santa Fe, NM Historic Building Trades Specialist $50.00 NPS
SCA-521 San Francisco, CA Air and Radiation Division Policy and Regulation Support (SCA-521) $21.01 EPA
SCA-522 San Francisco, CA Air Division Professional Support (SCA-522) $18.01 EPA
SCA-524 San Francisco, CA Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Technical Support (SCA-524) $21.01 EPA
SCA-526 San Francisco, CA Underground Injection Control (UIC) Permitting Professional Support (SCA-526) $18.01 EPA
SCA-527 San Francisco, CA Senior Professional Support Manager for Land Chemical and Redevelopment Division (SCA-527) $18.01 EPA
SCA-529 San Francisco, CA FIFRA Enforcement Assistant (SCA-529) $16.99 EPA
SCO-874 Denver, CO Professional Support to Office of Regional Counsel (SCO-874) $18.01 EPA
SCO-875 Denver, CO Hydrogeology/Hazardous Waste Site Professional Support (SCO-875) $21.01 EPA
SCO-876 Denver, CO Water Program Professional Support - Drinking Water Facility Technical Reviews (SCO-876) $18.01 EPA
SCO-877 Denver, CO Water Program Professional Support -Lead and Copper Rule (SCO-877) $18.01 EPA
SGA-118 Atlanta, GA Engineer/Scientist Inspector $21.01 EPA
SIA-106 Des Moines, IA Civil / Municipal Engineer $21.01 EPA
SKS-196 Lenexa, KS LCRD Tribal Circuit Rider $21.01 EPA
SKS-197 Lenexa, KS Administrative Support $15.00 EPA
SKS-198 Lenexa, KS Engineer or Scientist $21.01 EPA
SKS-200 Lenexa, KS TTPB Tribal Circuit Rider $21.01 EPA
SKS-201 Lenexa, KS ROAG Program and Divisional Support $15.00 EPA
SKS-202 Lenexa, KS Technical Professional $18.01 EPA
SKS-203 Lenexa, KS Training Specialist $18.01 EPA
SMA-111 Boston, MA Environmental Scientist/Engineer $21.01 EPA
SMA-112 Boston, MA Environmental Scientist or Engineer $21.01 EPA
SNE-102 Lincoln, NE Financial Assurance Specialist $18.01 EPA
SNJ-110 Edison, NJ Industrial Process Expert/Inspector $21.01 EPA
SNV-141 Las Vegas, NV Tribal Air Monitoring Technology Specialist (SNV-141) $18.01 EPA
SNV-144 Las Vegas, NV Professional Equipment Technician $15.00 EPA
SNV-146 Las Vegas, NV Calibration Specialist (SNV-146) $21.01 EPA
SNV-147 Las Vegas, NV Professional Equipment Technician (SNV-147) $18.01 EPA
STX-168 Dallas, TX Inspector (STX-168) $21.01 EPA
STX-169 Dallas, TX Budget Cost and Procurement Professional Support (STX-169) $18.01 EPA
STX-170 Dallas, TX Multi-Program Outreach and Professional Support $18.01 EPA
STX-172 Dallas, TX Administrative and Technical Professional Support (STX-172) $18.01 EPA
STX-173 Dallas, TX Accounting Technician / Analyst (STX-173) $18.01 EPA
ADC-052 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Engineer $42.00 USDA
ADC-053 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Design Engineer $42.00 USDA
ADC-054 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Economist $42.00 USDA
ADC-055 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Archeologist $42.00 USDA
ADC-056 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Cultural Resource Specialist $42.00 USDA
ADC-069 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Program Specialist $35.00 USDA
ADC-072 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Project Design Engineer (Wildfire Restoration) $60.00 USDA
ARS-AFM-016 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Travel Specialist $56.50 ARS
ARS-AFM-017 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Human Resource Specialist $52.00 ARS
ARS-AFM-018 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Program Analyst $52.00 ARS
ARS-AFM-019 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Enterprise Risk and Strategy Officer $67.00 ARS
ARS-AFM-020 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Management Analyst $40.00 ARS
ARS-OA-004 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Speech Writer $42.50 ARS
ARS-PA-014 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Ag Technician Specialist $32.00 ARS
ARS-PA-015 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Ag Technician Specialist $32.00 ARS
F1DCR13-126 TBD, DC Reforestation/Nursery System Senior Advisor $70.00 FS
F36DCR13-001 TBD, DC Engineering Project Assistant $50.00 FS
F4CAR1-023 Any City, CA Facility Engineer $80.00 FS
F6CAR4-018 Any City, CA Civil Engineer $50.00 FS
F6CAR4-019 Any City, CA Civil Engineer-Road safety $50.00 FS
F6DCR4-025 TBD, DC Tribal Liaison $50.00 FS
F6DCR4-026 TBD, DC Forest Planner $49.99 FS