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Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Agency
ACA-046 Susanville, CA Resource Conservationist $32.12 USDA
ADC-121 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Communications Specialist - TSP $50.00 USDA
ADC-123 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Programs Support -TSP $50.00 USDA
ADC-130 Washington, DC 508 Compliance Communications Specialist $30.00 USDA
ADE-002 Dover, DE Resource Conservationist $25.00 USDA
ADE-003 Georgetown, DE Resource Conservationist $25.00 USDA
ADE-004 Newark, DE Soil Conservationist $24.55 USDA
ADE-005 Georgetown, DE Soil Conservationist $24.55 USDA
AGA-072 Lafayette, GA Conservation Planner $25.00 USDA
AIL-015 Marion, IL Soil Conservation Technician $15.00 USDA
AIL-016 Champaign, IL Assistant Cultural Resource Specialist $24.00 USDA
AIN-001 Lafayette, IN Farm Bill Support $30.80 USDA
AIN-002 North Vernon, IN Farm Bill Support $30.80 USDA
AIN-003 Vincennes, IN Farm Bill Support $30.80 USDA
AIN-004 Fort Wayne, IN Farm Bill Support $30.80 USDA
AIN-006 Indianapolis, IN Farm Bill Trainer $30.80 USDA
AIN-007 Indianapolis, IN Farm Bill Trainer $30.80 USDA
AIN-009 Indianapolis, IN Soil Health Specialist $30.80 USDA
AIN-010 Fort Wayne, IN Technical Support - Planning $30.80 USDA
AIN-011 Lafayette, IN Technical Support - Planning $30.80 USDA
AIN-012 North Vernon, IN Technical Support - Planning $30.80 USDA
AIN-013 Vincennes, IN Technical Support - Planning $30.80 USDA
AIN-014 Lafayette, IN Technical Support - Engineering $30.80 USDA
AIN-015 Vincennes, IN Conservation Planning Trainer $30.80 USDA
AME-023 Bangor, ME Program Technician $19.00 USDA
AMN-065 Marshall, MN Program Support Specialist $24.99 USDA
AMN-074 Saint Paul, MN Program Support Specialist $30.00 USDA
AMN-076 Preston, MN Forester $33.00 USDA
AMN-077 Elk River, MN Program Support Specialist $20.00 USDA
ANC-001 Raleigh, NC Natural Resources Specialist $30.41 USDA
ANH-009 Dover, NH Program Support Specialist $24.00 USDA
ANY-020 , NY Conservation Compliance Technician $21.00 USDA
ARS-AFM-045 Albany, CA Human Resource Specialist (Remote) $52.00 ARS
ARS-AFM-047 Beltsville, MD PowerApps Developer (Remote) $80.00 ARS
ARS-AFM-048 Beltsville, MD HR Project Specialist (Remote) $35.00 ARS
AUT-010 Salt Lake City, UT Engineer $45.00 USDA
AUT-011 Salt Lake City, UT Outreach Coordinator $40.00 USDA
AVA-052 Stuart, VA Conservation Technician/Grazing Specialist $19.00 USDA
AVA-053 Warrenton, VA Conservation Technician Assistant $17.00 USDA
AVA-054 Amelia, VA Conservation Technician Assistant $16.20 USDA
AWI-033 Baraboo, WI Program Support Specialist $26.00 USDA
AWV-030 Elkins, WV Conservation Specialist $27.00 USDA
AWY-016 Casper, WY Economist (ESC) $31.50 USDA
B22CO166CO-003 Craig, CO Administrative Assistant $21.00 BLM
B22NM538NM-001 Taos, NM Archaeologist $33.84 BLM
B23NM508NM-001 Santa Fe, NM EEO Specialist $35.00 BLM
B24AZ0194AZ-001 Phoenix, AZ Resource Advisor $65.00 BLM
B24NOC149CO-001 Denver, CO Contract Specialist $45.00 BLM
B24NV0098NV-002 Las Vegas, NV Planning & Environmental Coordinator $47.00 BLM
B24NV0098NV-004 Las Vegas, NV Land Law Examiner $34.00 BLM
B24NV0098NV-007 Las Vegas, NV Visual Resource Specialist $47.00 BLM
B24NV0100NV-002 Las Vegas, NV Planning and Environmental Coordinator $47.00 BLM
B24NV0100NV-004 Las Vegas, NV Land Law Examiner $34.00 BLM
B24NV0100NV-007 Las Vegas, NV Visual Resource Specialist $47.00 BLM
B24NV221NV-001 Reno, NV Grants Management Support $38.00 BLM
B24NV222NV-001 Ely, NV Archaeologist $50.00 BLM
B24OR137OR-001 Lakeview, OR Engineering Equipment Operator $31.00 BLM
B24OR226OR-001 Vale, OR Boardman to Hemingway Project Archaeologist $58.30 BLM
F121ORR6-001 Roseburg, OR Special Uses Specialist $70.00 FS
F126WAR6-001 Wenatchee, WA Wilderness Consultant $50.00 FS
F20GAR8-008 Eatonton, GA Wildlife Technician $50.00 FS
F21CAR5-016 Eureka, CA Trinity WCS Landscape Fire Management Specialist Support $50.00 FS
F24CAR5-001 Yreka,, CA Engineering Services Support (Klamath) $50.00 FS
F24CAR5-002 Yreka,, CA Soils Scientist $35.00 FS
F24CAR5-003 Yreka,, CA Archaeologist $35.00 FS
F24CAR5-007 Eureka, CA Vegetation Manager $50.00 FS
F26CAR5-005 Kernville, CA Range $35.00 FS
F26UTR4-001 Ogden, UT Architect $60.00 FS
F26UTR4-002 Ogden, UT Assistant Fleet Manager $50.00 FS
F28UTR4-001 Escalante, UT Forester (Silviculturist) $35.00 FS
F29CAR5-001 Redding, CA Timber Sales Administration Trainer $45.00 FS
F29CAR5-002 Nevada City, CA Quality Control Group Trainer $45.00 FS
F29CAR5-003 Susanville, CA Resource Specialist Trainer/Mentor $45.00 FS
F30CAR5-002 Vallejo, CA Botanist $50.00 FS
F31WYR4-001 Jackson, WY Silviculture Mentor timber/fuels $50.00 FS
F32UTR4-001 Missoula, MT Leadership Advisor $80.00 FS
F32UTR4-002 Ogden, UT Leadership Advisor $80.00 FS
F54ORR13-076 Central Point, OR Reforestation/Nursery Engineer $55.00 FS
F54ORR13-077 Central Point, OR Reforestation/Nursery System Mentor #1 $48.00 FS
F54ORR13-078 Boise,, ID Reforestation/Nursery System Mentor #2 $48.00 FS
F66DCR13-001 Washington, DC Natural Resource Specialist #1 $120.00 FS
F69DCR13-001 Washington, DC Botanist and Pollinator Specialist $55.00 FS
F82ORR6-002 Bend, OR Archaeologist $47.50 FS
FW1504-VA-005 Falls Church, VA Grants Management Specialist (FW1504-VA-005) $40.00 FWS
FW1539-AL-002 Gulf Shores, AL Maintenance Worker/Heavy Equipment Operator (FW1539-AL-002) $24.99 FWS
FW1562-MN-002 Bloomington, MN Grants Management Specialist (FW1562-MN-002) $70.00 FWS
FW1577-MN-002 Bloomington, MN Visual Information Specialist (Graphic Designer) (FW1577-MN-002) $40.00 FWS
FW1609-MN-001 Bloomington, MN Region 3 Infrastructure NHPA Section 106 Compliance Specialist (Archaeologist) (FW1609-MN-001) $55.00 FWS
FW1614-GA-001 Atlanta, GA Administrative Support (FW1614-GA-001) $22.37 FWS
FW1615-NH-001 Erroll, NH Heavy Equipment Operator (FW1615-NH-001) $40.00 FWS
FW1616-MN-001 Bloomington, MN Budget Officer 1 (FW1616-MN-001) $35.00 FWS
FW1616-MN-002 Bloomington, MN Budget Officer 2 (FW1616-MN-002) $35.00 FWS
GS3513-CA-001 Moffett Field, CA Administrative and Records Specialist (GS3513-CA-001) $39.99 USGS
GS3515-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #1 (GS3515-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3516-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #2 (GS3516-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3517-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #3 (GS3517-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3518-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #4 (GS3518-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3519-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #5 (GS3519-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3520-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #6 (GS3520-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3521-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #7 (GS3521-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3522-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #8 (GS3522-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3523-VA-001 Reston, VA Human Resources Specialist #9 (GS3523-VA-001) $49.38 USGS
GS3525-VA-001 Reston, VA Senior Science Advisor to Office of International Programs (GS3525-VA-001) $80.00 USGS
GS3528-VA-001 Reston, VA International Hydrology Remote Sensing Expert (GS3528-VA-001) $80.00 USGS
GS3529-HI-001 Honolulu, HI Hydrologist Mentor (GS3529-HI-001) $90.00 USGS
GS3530-WI-001 La Crosse, WI Biological Technician (GS3530-WI-001) $30.00 USGS
NPSAWD-001-001 Washington, DC Federal COR Trainer $37.00 NPS
NPSBSD-001-001 Washington DC, DC Acquisitions Project Specialist $40.00 NPS
NPSBSD-002-001 Washington DC, DC Administrative Specialist $43.50 NPS
NPSCARL-001-001 Flat Rock, NC Budget Analyst $28.00 NPS
NPSCHBA-003-001 Annapolis, MD Administrative Specialist $40.00 NPS
NPSHPTC-004-001 Frederick, MD Microsoft Project Server Functional Administrator $60.00 NPS
NPSIMR-007-002 Santa Fe, NM Historical Architect $50.00 NPS
NPSJOMU-001-003 Martinez, CA Restoration Ecologist $81.00 NPS
NPSKALA-003-001 Kalaupapa, HI Cultural Resources Planner $60.00 NPS
NPSKALA-003-002 Kalaupapa, HI Strategic Planner/Mentor $60.00 NPS
NPSKALA-003-003 Kalaupapa, HI Volunteer Program Coordinator $50.00 NPS
NPSMEVE-001-003 Mesa Verde National Park, CO Construction Management Representative (Barracks 5) $50.00 NPS
NPSMEVE-001-004 Mesa Verde National Park, CO Construction Management Representative (Wetherill Mesa) $50.00 NPS
NPSNERI-001-001 Glen Jean, WV Field Project Specialist $36.00 NPS
NPSPWR-007-009 Death Valley, CA Equipment Operator $40.00 NPS
NPSRTCA-005-009 Philadelphia, PA Archivist/ Librarian $50.00 NPS
NPSSMHS-001-006 Manhattan, NY Landscape Professional $50.00 NPS
NPSSMHS-001-007 Manhattan, NY Climate Specialist $50.00 NPS
NPSSMHS-002-002 New York, NY Welder $50.00 NPS
NPSVT-002-002 Santa Fe, NM Architectural Conservator $50.00 NPS
NPSVT-002-003 Santa Fe, NM Structural Engineer (Preservation Engineer) $50.00 NPS
NPSVT-002-004 Santa Fe, NM Historic Building Trades Specialist $50.00 NPS
NPSWACC-003-001 Tucson, AZ Archivist $26.45 NPS
SAL-126 Montgomery, AL Senior Laboratory Instrument Technician $19.21 EPA
SCA-521 San Francisco, CA Air and Radiation Division Policy and Regulation Support (SCA-521) $22.21 EPA
SCA-522 San Francisco, CA Air Division Professional Support (SCA-522) $19.21 EPA
SCA-526 San Francisco, CA Underground Injection Control (UIC) Permitting Professional Support (SCA-526) $19.21 EPA
SCA-529 San Francisco, CA FIFRA Enforcement Assistant (SCA-529) $18.07 EPA
SCA-532 Los Angeles, CA Facilities and Physical Security Professional Support (SCA-532) $19.21 EPA
SCO-882 Denver, CO Laboratory Technician for NEIC Laboratory Branch (SCO-882) $19.21 EPA
SCO-886 Denver, CO Leaking Underground Storage Tank and RCRA Program Support (SCO-886) $19.21 EPA
SCO-887 Denver, CO Laboratory Technician (SCO-887) $19.21 EPA
SDC-1483 Washington, DC Administrative Support, SDC-1483 $17.00 EPA
SHI-102 Pearl City, HI Groundwater Professional Support (SHI-102) $19.21 EPA
SIA-106 Des Moines, IA Civil / Municipal Engineer $22.21 EPA
SKS-196 Lenexa, KS LCRD Tribal Circuit Rider $22.21 EPA
SKS-197 Lenexa, KS Administrative Support $16.20 EPA
SKS-198 Lenexa, KS Engineer or Scientist $22.21 EPA
SKS-200 Lenexa, KS TTPB Tribal Circuit Rider $22.21 EPA
SKS-212 Lenexa, KS Technical and Moderate Professional (SKS-212) $19.21 EPA
SMA-111 Boston, MA Environmental Scientist/Engineer $22.21 EPA
SMA-112 Boston, MA Environmental Scientist or Engineer $22.21 EPA
SMD-117 Fort Meade, MD Laboratory Support (SMD-117) $19.21 EPA
SMD-119 Fort Meade, MD Chemist (SMD-119) $19.21 EPA
SMT-111 Helena, MT Superfund Program Support (SMT-111) $16.20 EPA
SNV-146 Las Vegas, NV Calibration Specialist (SNV-146) $22.21 EPA
SNV-147 Las Vegas, NV Professional Equipment Technician (SNV-147) $19.21 EPA
SNV-150 Las Vegas, NV Informational Technology Professional Support (SNV-150) $16.20 EPA
SOR-102 Corvallis, OR Administrative Support (SOR-102) $16.20 EPA
STX-170 Dallas, TX Multi-Program Outreach and Professional Support - Bilingual (STX-170) $19.21 EPA
STX-178 Houston, TX Laboratory and Administrative Assistant (STX-178) $16.20 EPA
SWA-113 Seattle, WA RMP and EPCRA Inspector/Program Specialist (SWA-113) $22.21 EPA