Open Positions in REMOTE

Please review the openings listed below. Clicking on a Reference Code # or Title will bring up details for the opening.

Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Agency
ADC-052 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Engineer $42.00 USDA
ADC-053 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Design Engineer $42.00 USDA
ADC-054 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Economist $42.00 USDA
ADC-056 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Watershed Project Cultural Resource Specialist $42.00 USDA
ADC-072 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Project Design Engineer (Wildfire Restoration) $60.00 USDA
ARS-AFM-019 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Enterprise Risk and Strategy Officer $67.00 ARS
ARS-AFM-021 ANY CITY/TBD, DC Senior HR Project Specialist $65.00 ARS
EISD-022 Any City, Statistical Information Collection Coordinator $46.00 USDA
F39DCR13-003 TBD, DC Climate Change Coordinator Curriculum Developer $55.00 FS
F6CAR4-019 Any City, CA Civil Engineer-Road safety $50.00 FS