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Statistical Assistant

ID: NASS-NOD-004 Location: Olivette, MO Posted Date: Agency: USDA
Wage/Hr: $24.00 Hours/Week: 29     Minimum Age: 55

* Note: This position may work remotely a few days a week after six months of working in the office. This may change based on the Agency's needs.


The incumbent performs statistical assistant duties of a moderately difficult nature for the Forms Processing Group-1 (FPG-1) in the National Operations Center. He/she is responsible for subordinate technical work in the field of agricultural statistics, assisting statisticians in collecting, processing, analyzing, editing, keying survey data and updating list sampling data. Must be able to stand for up to an hour at a time and lift up to 15 lbs. Some equipment can be loud, but ear protection is provided * Note: This position may work remotely a few days a week after six months of working in the office. This may change based on the Agency's needs.

  • Performs National- level forms processing activities by interpreting and applying agency defined policy and procedures. Responsibilities include ensuring confidentiality of personally identifiable information (PII) and accurately capturing data from respondent reports under the direction of the FPG-1 Group Leader. 20%
  • Utilizes agency developed computer applications and multiple databases to process survey forms and does so with minimal instructions from FPG-1 statisticians. Activities include data entry from survey forms of quantitative and qualitative information. 20%
  • Utilizes agency developed computer applications to group survey questionnaires in batches in preparation for scanning of questionnaire images into a database repository. This completed under the guidance of a Team Lead or senior statistical assistant. 20%
  • Assist in scanning of survey questionnaires that includes verifying questionnaire images are captured correctly for future retrieval during data entry, editing and analysis. 10%
  • Participates in list frame building of all states farm operators by providing data entry for outside list sources. This information is loaded into Record Linkage software for comparing these lists to the existing list universe using the Agency’s record linkage resolution process. 10%
  • Operates data entry computer software to enter and verify outside list sources. Duty requires use of moderately difficult multi-leveled data entry formats to prepare data for National-level record linkage processing. 10%
  • Comments on new FPG-1 procedures and makes suggestions to meet needs. Takes necessary steps to reduce the number of problem records. Performs other related duties as a member of an FPG-1 team that consists of statisticians and statistical assistants. 10%


BA/BS Degree

  • Knowledge of Forms Processing policies and procedures to perform various forms processing activities. Knowledge of NASS program activities, policies, and procedures relative to survey data collection to assure survey data is accurately captured from survey forms. The employee must have a thorough knowledge of survey time frames and how to locate and interpret survey documentation.
  • Ability to read, interpret, and follow written and spoken instructions for a variety of related subject matter programs.
  • Basic knowledge of the statistical subject matter in order to recognize data errors and inconsistencies.
  • Knowledge of the Agency’s statistical practices and of factors that may have a direct bearing on the statistical consistency of data.
  • Ability to utilize various computer hardware, software and applications (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, database, statistical analysis). Ability to use moderately difficult multi-leveled data entry formats.
  • Working knowledge of statistical clerical procedures, methods, and techniques and the ability to apply statistical procedures to compile, examine, and reconcile data.
  • Practical knowledge of the objectives, guidelines, and boundaries of assigned projects to conduct research, problem review, and resolution, while maintaining the statistical reliability of the data and the confidentiality of respondents.
  • Knowledge of NASS list frame procedures and methodology to assure list frame updates are keyed following frames maintenance policies and procedures.
  • Experience required with Windows, MS Word, MS Excel


  • As needed

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