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Archaeologist - Cultural Resource Specialist

ID: AWV-031 Location: Morgantown, WV Posted Date: 11/6/2023 Agency: USDA
Wage/Hr: $48.00 Hours/Week: 36     Minimum Age: 55

•This position is NOT remote - You will be required to report to an office and Field visits will be a priority. Being Age 55 or Older is Good for The Environment! The Agricultural Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) Program offers unique opportunities in Scientific, Technical, and Agricultural support for individuals aged 55 and over to support the Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) through a grant administered program awarded to National Experienced Workforce Solutions (NEW Solutions). This is a unique program where your talents, expertise, and experience will truly be valued. The ACES program provides an opportunity to work side-by-side with NRCS staff that are doing important work every day. Benefits: Paid Health Insurance Premium for positions budgeted at 60+ hours per pay period, Accrued Vacation and Sick Leave, Paid Federal Holidays, and optional Vision and Dental Insurance available for positions budgeted at 35+ hours per pay period. Positions listed here do not guarantee employment for any definite period. Enrollment in the Experienced Worker Programs administered by NEW Solutions is temporary. The enrollment relationship between NEW Solutions and the Enrollee is an "at-will" relationship. This means that an Enrollee is free to terminate enrollment at any time during the enrollment period, and NEW Solutions and the Agency have the right to terminate the relationship with the Enrollee. NOTE: An “ACES Enrollee” is not a federal employee, nor an employee of NEW Solutions. An “ACES Enrollee” is a participant in a grant program established through a Cooperative Agreement funded by the USDA-NRCS and administered by NEW Solutions. This opportunity applies to applicants legally eligible to work in the United States.


This is a State, Area, or field position assigned to the State Resource Conservationist’s staff. The incumbent serves as a Cultural Resources Specialist and is responsible for guidance and assistance to field personnel and resource technical teams for conservation, protection, and enhancement of cultural resources, including Native American issues encountered in all NRCS programs and activities. The incumbent serves as staff specialist with primary responsibility for cultural resources associated with soil, water, plant, and related conservation concerns.

  • Provides technical and administrative support for activities in the assigned area of responsibility for all aspects of the cultural resource program. Will perform other duties such as environmental review and various reporting efforts as assigned. 60%
  • Provides recommendations for treatment of cultural resources to field personnel in the assigned area of responsibility. 20%
  • Provides technical cultural resource sections of contracts, environmental documents, agreement documents, and other instruments of agency intent in the assigned area of responsibility. 10%
  • Responsible for technical quality of cultural resource reviews for all field office personnel in the assigned area of responsibility. 10%


Minimum of 15 year(s) of experience in Minimum of: Four years of archeological work experience that demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the fundamental principles and theories of professional archeology. The work experience must have included archeology field experience, which may include that gained in an archeological field school. Field experience should have included a combination of professional experience in archeological survey, excavation, laboratory analysis, and preparation of written materials. Applicants with such field experience should, after additional experience under the direction of a higher-grade archeologist, be able to demonstrate the ability to be a crew chief, directing the work of others at a single location as a part of a larger archeological project. OR BA/BS Degree in Degree that included 3 semester hours each in the following course areas: o History of archeology. o Archeology of a major geographical area such as North America or Africa. o Regional archeology, archeological cultures, or sites in a specific part or portion of a major geographical area to acquire or develop a foundation for regional specialization for professional development. o Theory and methods of archeology. Methods include, but are not limited to, typology, classification, sampling, cultural evolution, diffusion, dating, and analytical techniques. o Archeological field school, to provide a basic understanding of theoretical and practical approaches to research design implementation, field preservation techniques, and report preparation by participation in actual field work. And o Six semester hours of related course work in: o Geography, geology, or cultural geography o History, historiography, or historical archeology o Environmental studies o Scientific writing (nonfiction English composition); and/or surveying And o Archeological field school. Related Curriculum: Degree in Anthropology (with emphasis on ethnology, physical anthropology, or scientific linguistics), history, American studies, or a related discipline may be accepted as satisfying in full the educational requirements, provided the curriculum supplied academic course work sufficiently similar to the requirements in A.1 (including archeological field school).

  • Valid State Driver’s license.
  • Experience required with Windows, MS Word, MS Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • NRCS Software (if applicable): Conservation Desktop, ProTracts, ArcGIS


  • Annual information system security, anti-harassment, and civil rights training.
  • Travel Requirements: Government vehicle provided when working in remote farms or communities.

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