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Realty Specialist (FW1602-VA-001

ID: FW1602-VA-001 Location: Falls Church, VA Posted Date: 2/27/2024 Agency: FWS
Wage/Hr: $66.79 Hours/Week: 20 hrs/week - Estimated 1040 total hours     Minimum Age: 55

The Fish and Wildlife Service Experienced Services Program was established to create a unique partnership to help solve the workforce issues facing government agencies. The Fish and Wildlife ESP connects experienced workers (age 55+) to the Fish and Wildlife Service to provide scientific, technical, and administrative services in support of the Fish and Wildlife Service priority multiple-use related programs and authorities. The experienced workers participating in the Program are referred to as Enrollee and are not employees of FWS or National Experienced Workforce Solutions (NEW Solutions). NEW Solutions is the ESP Non-governmental organization (NGO) responsible for administrative aspects of the Program, and the Enrollees work under Fish and Wildlife Service direction to assist the Agency staff in carrying out the Fish and Wildlife Service mission. Fish and Wildlife Service ESP Enrollees benefit from the opportunity to keep technical skills current, to access new training opportunities, to engage in gainful project-based positions, and to undertake meaningful tasks using their experience and talent to contribute to the environment, the national economy and their own financial security. Background security investigation may be required prior to start date. Location, hours and hourly pay are noted in this position description. FWS ESP positions are meant to provide temporary, project-based support. This position is currently funded for approximately 1040 hours at 20 hours per week. (this is subject to change based on budget and other factors).


This ESP candidate will work closely with Headquarters Realty to roll out a national database in a way that most efficiently meets Headquarters and Regional needs. This work requires expert knowledge of FWS Realty land acquisition processes and documents, and a solid understanding of internal FWS Realty politics.

  • Project Planning and Management: Develop a comprehensive project plan outlining timelines, milestones, and resource allocation considerations for the database rollout. 25%
  • Change Management: Manage change processes and communication strategies to facilitate the adoption of the national database. 25%
  • Collaboration and Coordination: Foster collaboration and communication among the various stakeholder groups involved in the national database rollout. 25%
  • Continuous Improvement: Seek feedback from users and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement for the national database. Recommend database enhancements to be implemented over time. 25%


Minimum of 5 year(s) of experience in FWS Division of Realty OR BA/BS Degree

  • Expert knowledge of FWS Realty land acquisition processes and documents, and a solid understanding of internal FWS Realty politics.
  • Experience required with Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Teams


  • Information Management and Technology (IMT) Awareness online course via DOI Talent.
  • Monitor will support and provide on-the-job training, as needed.
  • Travel Requirements: Possibly for 3-4 trips for regional rollout meetings
  • Overnight travel: Possibly for 3-4 trips for regional rollout meetings
  • Air travel anticipated: Possibly for 3-4 trips for regional rollout meetings
  • Rental cars: Possibly for 3-4 trips for regional rollout meetings
  • Government Vehicle Training: ​​online course via DOI Talent​​
  • Remote work arrangements are available for this position.

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NEW Solutions is committed to promoting equal opportunity and to an environment free from discrimination and harassment in any form administering Experienced Worker Programs under cooperative agreements with federal agencies. It is NEW Solutions’s policy to comply with all applicable laws that provide equal opportunity and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in enrolling participants in the federal programs.