Lewis Goins, MS ACES Enrollee

I am an implementation specialist with ACES – Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). I was employed on March 22, 2010. I am based in Laurel, MS and I serve the surrounding communities. One of my most enjoyable duties is to meet with current active program contract participants to assist and follow-up in determining if additional technical assistance is needed. I also enjoy making field visits to landowners to determine their conservation needs and to assist them with a plan of action designed to address their natural resource concerns. One of my essential and key duties is to ensure and apply an effective community outreach program. I travel throughout the communities to talk to farmers and land users who may not know or be completely aware of the services and programs administered or available through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services.

I’m proud to serve in this position. It afforded me with a great opportunity to serve others, which has always been a calling of mine. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.