Lido Niccolai, IL SEE Enrollee

Lido Niccolai is currently working in the NEW Solutions/SEE Program as a Level 4 Data Assistant for the EPA Superfund Division of Region 5 in Chicago. Before joining the SEE Program, Lido worked for major consulting firms, spending 4 years with Arthur Andersen and 12 years with Deloitte Tax, LLP.  During his tenure with Deloitte, he served as Database and Office Administrator.

Lido’s current position supports the office in its management of data, including reviewing grant work plans and quarterly reports to identify sites requiring the submission of property profile forms for completeness and accuracy, key measure and National Program Performance Goals target accomplishments.  Among the many other tasks he takes care of, Lido also makes recommendations to the grant program officers and works to resolve data discrepancies.

Gary Schafer, Chief of Brownfields/NPL Reuse and Lido’s monitor, speaks highly of his contributions to EPA.  “Until a merger forced Lido and many other long-time Deloitte folks out of their jobs, he played a key role in the creation of many of the data and information tracking systems that the company still uses.  That made him an ideal candidate for us and I couldn’t hire him fast enough.  To use a football analogy, bringing him in here to handle our data needs is kind of like having Peyton Manning show up for your flag football game with your friends.  Too good to be true.  With Lido, we can generate reports now in a fraction of the time it took before.  Not only has he helped the Regional office with his skills, I am starting to see HQs and other Regions interact with him as we are sharing his innovations and improvements.”

And to Lido from NEW Solutions, we thank you for your bringing your knowledge, experience, and hard work to the SEE Program!