Marlene White, KS SEE Enrollee

Marlene White is a Level 4 SEE Enrollee for Region 7 EPA in Lenexa, Kansas and has been with the SEE Program for eight years. Moreover, Marlene has a distinction few of us hold.  She has served in the Waste Enforcement and Material Management Branch since she began work as a SEE Enrollee.  Marlene now serves as Office Manager for the Branch and provides administrative support in the area of information management.  Her work involves analyzing data while developing, tracking and merging electronic files including raw data, graphs, charts and templates.  Among her other responsibilities, Marlene assists in setting up meetings and maintaining meeting documentation.

Marlene earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Ottawa University in Overland Park, Kansas and has spent most of her career in government service.  She began her career with the government in 1990 as a Fraud Investigative Aide with the Internal Revenue Service in Kansas City, Missouri.  After a stint as Branch Secretary in the IRS office in New Orleans, Marlene returned to Kansas City where she worked as a Tax Fraud Investigative Assistant until 2006.

Marlene has seen a lot of change during her time at EPA, including the office move from Kansas City to Lenexa and the changes among EPA Staff and SEE Enrollees.  While the move actually shortened her commute, she says it is often sad to see your colleagues leave.  When not working for the SEE Program, Marlene enjoys entertaining her grandsons and using her artistic skills as a seamstress creating quilts.