ESP Program USGS

The Experienced Services Program (ESP)

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Experienced Services Program (ESP) is a federal jobs program authorized annually in Department of Interior appropriations statutes. The ESP is an innovative, flexible, and proven workforce tool for USGS to utilize the knowledge, skills and experience of highly skilled professionals (age 55+); as well as a mechanism to bring in high-caliber mentors to support agency operations.  This ESP model was initiated by BLM in 2018 and has expanded into USGS as well as other DOI Bureaus such as NPS, FWS and BSEE. USGS ESP enrollees support a variety of program areas, including Data Management, Mapping, Geology, Biology, Engineering, IT, Administration, Budget, Document Management and business functions, Hydrology, Project Management, Resource Conservation, Research Science, and NEPA.   

Applicants who apply and are selected for an ESP position are referred to as “enrollees.” Enrollees are not federal employees of USGS, nor are they staff of NEW Solutions. Provisions outlined in the ESP Handbook are not intended to bestow any rights or privileges on enrollees or guarantee employment for any definite period of time. Enrollment in the ESP is temporary and the enrollment relationship between NEW Solutions and the enrollee is an at will relationship. An enrollee is free to terminate his or her enrollment at any time during the enrollment period, and NEW Solutions and USGS have the right to terminate the relationship with the enrollee.

About United States Geological Survey (USGS)

The USGS was “created by an act of Congress in 1879, the USGS provides science for a changing world, which reflects and responds to society’s continuously evolving needs. As the science arm of the Department of the Interior, the USGS brings an array of earth, water, biological, and mapping data and expertise to bear in support of decision-making on environmental, resource, and public safety issues.”