Ramsey, Yolanda

Yolanda Ramsey, EPA SEE Enrollee

Region 7 Lenexa, Kansas 

SEE Position Title: Travel Support  

Yolanda assists the EPA R7 team in making critical travel reservations by preparing travel documents and maintaining associated systems and files. She also analyzes documents, interprets and applies travel regulations and policies as they apply.  

Prior to joining EPA she worked for insurance companies in KS, MI, TN and MO as a Licensed Agent, Policy Writing, Claims Examiner & Sales Agent. She also worked in an HR role for the State of Kansas in Overland Park. She is proud to have served as a FEMA Reservist for two years as a Disaster Generalist in the National IMAT Division. 

What attracted Yolanda to the SEE Program is the flexibility and the opportunity to support the EPA in various needs. She greatly enjoys the Travel Support position at R7! “This is a great program that includes team training within the department. I am constantly learning each day, and everyone is very supporting. I am thankful and proud to be a SEE Enrollee.”